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january fabric & pattern hauls

Let me begin this post by saying that I really miss this. I haven’t started 2018 in the most gangbusters way in terms of posting regularly, but it’s not for lack of motivation or inspiration. Quite the opposite: I’m bursting with new ideas, and I’d love a couple free days to just sit and write and stay on schedule. But things are a little crazy here at the moment. We’re so close to wrapping up the bulk of the work on the kitchen/first floor renovation we’ve been in the midst of since September, and a few big deadlines are finally upon us. Drywall is going back up this week, cabinets will be installed at the end of the month, painting happens after that, and then it’s all the finishing touches like countertops and lighting and flooring. Ty and I spent the weekend finishing demo at the top of the stairs and working on putting the insulation back in the walls and ceilings. It’s been really time consuming, not terribly fun work. It’s kind of a small miracle that I’ve been able to sew even a little bit the past week. All of this to say that my resolution to establish and maintain a consistent blogging schedule will just have to come in time. There’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel! And thank goodness, because I’ve recently started to curse this house and turn sour on this project. I need walls and a kitchen again!

One thing I’m always able to stay on top of is fabric shopping. (If you laughed at that statement, it’s okay. I laughed too. What a thing to be really good at, sheesh.) My after Christmas shopping is focused on fabric, so around this time every year I like to add a few new things to my fabric stash. The thing with having a sewing blog is that quite a lot of time can pass before the cuts of fabric become actual garments. I’ve never really dedicated a post that highlights my recent purchases, but I think it’s something I should do more often. I can’t tell you how many times I posted a finished garment last year and the fabric was already sold out, and it bummed me (and everyone else) out every time. So today I’m going to show you the fabrics I’ve gotten lately. That way, if you want some too you can get it before it’s gone.

I buy fabric from lots of different places, because the good stuff can come from anywhere. I’ve bought super expensive pieces and found nice fabric at Goodwill – there’s no right or wrong place to shop. I first shopped with years and years ago before they became the destination that they are, and their inventory has only gotten better over time. carries a huge selection (the biggest, I believe) of TÉLIO fabric, so I usually start my shopping there. I recently got two things: a gorgeous navy floral rayon print, and an emerald green double wool stretch suiting. The rayon challis will make a great dress or separates combo this spring or summer, and the stretch suiting is going to be a dress in the spring.

Rayon Challis English Floral Navy/Mauve/Coral

TÉLIO Double Weave Stretch Suiting Emerald

Vogue 9279 is a pattern I picked up on Monday, and it’s what I’m going to use to make the dress I have in mind. The Duchess of Cambridge wore the most gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dress during a tour in Canada a while back, and I have kept that dress in the back of my mind ever since I saw it. The stretch suiting is a perfect match (if a little more teal than emerald, but it will do), and the pattern is a close enough copy of the dress that I can modify it slightly to get an even better match to the D&G dress. (I’ll go the route of the Duchess and opt for a dress without the clock embellishment.)

Yesterday, launched a Grab Bag Giveaway, where 50 lucky winners will receive an assortment of 10, 1-yard cuts of fabric. There’s no purchase necessary to enter, and you can submit an entry every day. To enter, click on the photo below and fill out the form. It’s so much fun to win things, and it could be you – good luck!

Like everyone else, I shop at Mood from time to time, and I found the most darling cotton/linen print a couple weeks ago. It’s another piece that won’t get used until later this summer (you know I like my navy in the summertime), but I simply could not resist this. It’s so charming and playful, and the pineapples are huge! They’re about 18″ tall, so whatever I make with this will have to be something that shows them off in the right way. This fabric is a print from Sea NY, and it was originally a zip-front midi skirt. Definitely a possibility!

Sea NY Navy and Ivory Pineapple Printed Linen Woven


There’s a Hobby Lobby close by, so it’s my go-to when I’m in a jam and need thread or a zipper. Over the past couple seasons their apparel fabrics have gotten quite good, and I’ve found a few things there in that time, including a couple chambray shirtings and a blush sequin fabric. I popped in a couple weeks ago, and the seasonal rack was already filling up with pretty things for spring. There were quite a few fabrics I could have gotten, but I decided I couldn’t leave without one in particular: this cotton lawn lemon print shirting. It would make a lovely, floaty spring dress, but I have two lemon print dresses (see here and here), so this will become a blouse. How great will this be with a yellow striped skirt or white, wide leg linen pants?! It wasn’t on sale when I got it, so I just pulled up a 40% off coupon. I especially love that’s it’s cotton. Easy to wash!

I also picked up a few things at Fashion Fabrics Club earlier this month when they were running a $20 off a $100 purchase promotion, and one of them is this showstopper sequin fabric. You know I love the sparkly stuff, and this is a perfect addition to the black and white collection I’m working on right now. You’ll see this made into a skirt in a couple of weeks. And it was a steal at $5.25/yard! It’s got some stretch to it, and it needs a lining, but I love the combination of black and white and the various sizes of the sequins.

Silver Texture Sequin Stretch Mesh

I’ve had my eye on this striped raw silk for ages. The colors are so pretty and perfect for spring. I think this will make a gorgeous jacket or skirt. Great price for silk: $8.95/yard. By the way, if you ordered this after I posted it on Instagram Stories and got the wrong thing in your package, the same thing happened to me. The item number was listed incorrectly on the website, but the nice folks at FFC made it right and sent me the right item two days later. It happens, no biggie!

Beige Multi Stripe Silk

There have been a few pattern sales lately, and I added a handful to my collection, with a few coming from the brand new Early Spring collection from McCall’s. I’m loving the pants and the shirtdress with the high-low hem!

I’m slowly making progress on all the pretty black and white pieces I’m working on, so expect new project posts soon. (You can follow along and watch the progress on Instagram.) You know I love making things in colorful collections, but I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying working with black and white. Most everything I’m making will be a piece I’ll wear a lot, so that feels good.

Let me know what you’re working on! January is my birthday month, but I always feel like it’s such a bummer time of year. The holidays are over, the weather is dreadful, everything is brown and grey, and it’s just generally uninspiring. Thank goodness for sewing to get us through!


P.S. This was me at almost 1am last night, putting the insulation back up in the ceiling. Ty was on a work trip, so it was just me and my coveralls, with Friends re-runs on the background. Wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the worst night of my life either. Drywall starts going back up tomorrow – YAY!

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