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Daily Archives: December 21, 2017

holly jolly christmas: winners & recap

The thing about big events and holidays and celebrations and pretty much anything you spend a lot of time planning and anticipating is the weird feelings you have when it’s all over. It seems to go by so quickly and it’s a little sad when it comes to an end, but if it all went according to plan there’s also a feeling of “I can’t wait to do that again!” Without a doubt, I have those feelings today. Who knows, maybe we can do something fun again this spring?!

This giveaway event over the past week was no small project, and it was the first giveaway I’ve ever hosted. I’m absolutely thrilled with how well it went, and I hope you guys enjoyed it too. And special thank you to my friends at HUSQVARNA VIKING® for being so wonderful and helpful and accommodating. We got so many fantastic brands to join us too, and I want to thank them as well. Beyond grateful for your generosity!

Loving all these Christmas colors! Now, can someone invite me somewhere fancy so I wear some of it?!

Congratulations to our winners! You guys are getting some ridiculously great stuff!

Day 1: Katalin H., Washington

Day 2: Stephanie N., New Hampshire

Day 3: Cate R., Pennsylvania 

Day 4: Julie W., West Virginia

Day 5: Iris S., Arizona

Day 6: Christina W., Utah

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who entered. We received thousands of entries! I mean, I know we all love freebies, but it really meant a great deal to me that you all kept coming back to read the posts and enter each day. I got so many kind comments and thoughtful questions over the last week, and I was so happy to hear from so many of you.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with four days of blog posts. There’s lots to go over before we ring in a new year! On Tuesday, I’m going to review all my “misses” of 2017. I think it’s just as important to review all the things that didn’t work in addition to the things that did, and I like to get the flubs out of the way first thing. Wednesday, we’ll be talking about the embroidered jacket in Wednesday’s post. I made it with the DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine, so there’s tons to tell you about how I did it.

On Thursday, I’m going to highlight the hits of 2017, all my favorite projects and best content. On Friday, a general overview of the DESIGNER EPIC™ will wrap up 2017. Then, we can enjoy some bubbly over a long weekend and celebrate a fresh start and new year of opportunity. I cannot wait for 2018!

Thank you all again, so very much. Merry Christmas!


P.S. Today you can find me on the blog talking about one of my favorite things on earth, sequin fabric. More on sequins in 2018. 🙂