holly jolly christmas: day 4

Congratulations to our day 3 winner, Cate R.!

On this 4th day of the Holly Jolly Christmas Giveaway event, you’re going to learn a couple things about me. (Also, another amazing giveaway is happening, yes!) The first thing you should know is that I have only three things in black: a vintage Calvin Klein wool blazer with a beaded shawl collar (it’s pretty spectacular), a basic cotton cardigan, and my new tulle skirt. That’s it, no dresses or skirts or blouses or pants. I know it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a few black items to my closet, but the color just doesn’t inspire me. For me, navy is much better alternative, and on top of that: how am I supposed to get excited about making anything in boring black when we are completely surrounded by such stunning colors?!

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been telling me that red is a good color for me. For about as long, though, I was all “red is too bold!” and “where will I ever wear anything red?” and “I can’t pull it off.” Fast forward to the holiday season of 2017 and I want all the red things. And one thing you learn pretty quick when you’re making your own clothes and then taking pictures in said clothes is what colors work for you and what colors you should stop wearing immediately. Things I’ve learned this year? I need more things in deep, rich green, white does absolutely nothing for me, and my mom was right. Red is pretty alright. So the lesson here is that you should always listen to your mama.

This is my second version of Vintage Vogue 8789and my fabric is a poly/Lycra blend red floral satin from Promenade Fine Fabrics in New Orleans. All I can is this: favorite dress of the year. The funny part about that is that my second favorite dress of the year was also made with fabric from Promenade. (You’ll see more about my favorites in my “hits and misses” round up soon.)

I found Promenade Fine Fabrics a couple years ago, and in that time I’ve not only bought some incredibly pretty fabrics, but I’ve gotten to know the owner, Cole. He has gone above and beyond, taking my orders over the phone, shipping things to me quickly, emailing me right away. This is a guy who not only understands the business and consistently stocks the best quality, most stunning fabrics, but is truly invested in his customers and loves to see them happy. As a former small business owner myself, I know what the grind is like and I appreciate the hustle. When I was putting this giveaway event together a couple months ago, Promenade was my first call – and the winner of today’s giveaway will receive a $100 gift card to Promenade Fine Fabrics.

Today (and tomorrow and Wednesday, for that matter) are a big deal in terms of the giveaway. I wanted to include as many companies that mean something to me as I could in this event, and that, without question, includes JOANN Fabrics & Crafts. We all shop there, right?! Going to JOANN is one of those errands I actually look forward to and enjoy. I like to go in the morning with a cup of coffee and thumb through the pattern catalogs, browse the fabrics, and stock up on notions and supplies. It’s the best. And, as you know, lots of HUSQVARNA VIKING® dealers are located in JOANN stores, so this was a great fit. JOANN has kindly given us a $50 gift card to send to today’s giveaway winner!

And, I just have to say, on a personal note, this is extra special for me. When I started studying fashion design in college I worked at our local JOANN. I lived in Phoenix at the time and our store was one of the older, smaller shops that eventually closed after a newer, bigger store was built. (My button stash officially began when I got hundreds of buttons on closeout sale when we were closing that store.) I absolutely loved that job, and the memories of going to classes during the day and working there at night are some of the best and most meaningful to me, because it was the beginning of my sewing and design journey. So this is a big time full circle moment, and I’m just really, really happy to have JOANN on board for this event.

Also included in today’s giveaway is a copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting (I’ve been recommending this book for ages), and a pack of thread and scissors from HUSQVARNA VIKING®.

The winner of Day 4 of a Holly Jolly Christmas Giveaway will receive:

  • $100 gift card to Promenade Fabrics, 
  • $50 gift card to JOANN, 
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting, 
  • and a pack of thread and scissors from HUSQVARNA VIKING®.

Good luck!


  1. Elizabeth Perez | 19th Dec 17

    Love the fabric of this red dress. This color suits you. Great prices today!

  2. Gena Harakal | 18th Dec 17

    Emily, your holiday wardrobe is lovely and beautifully coordinated. Such an inspiration. I used to make a new dress for special occasions and holidays. I, too, worked for JoAnn as a store manager before my son was born. It was a great job! Loved being surrounded by fabric and notions and patterns all day. This was where my eyes were opened to the wonders of a serger.

  3. Debbie | 18th Dec 17

    Lovely dress. I do love red, myself. I am new to reading your blogs and thoroughly enjoy all of the tips you share. Thanks for the inspiration and the wonderful give always!

  4. Elizabeth | 18th Dec 17

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway and that red dress…swoon!

  5. Lisa Gilbertsen | 18th Dec 17

    You look beautiful in red, and in all of the jewel tones you sew and blog! I am so thankful for your blog and all the inspiration it gives! I think I entered the giveaway…I may have entered twice…I didn’t get a confirmation on my phone, so I tried it on the computer, and the same thing happened. I couldn’t tell if the submission actually happened or not. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    • Emily | 18th Dec 17

      Hi, Lisa! I’m sorry you didn’t get the confirmation! That’s happened a time or two, but I checked with Husqvarna, and the entries are received even if a confirmation isn’t sent. Not sure why that’s happening, but I wanted you to know that you’re good to go. Best of luck – I hope you win something! Thank you for the kind words – I’m so glad the inspiration is coming through! ❤️

  6. Kathy | 18th Dec 17

    Ah! This book is on my Christmas wish list already…wouldn’t mind winning it though, 😉

  7. Mary Rames | 18th Dec 17

    Emily…your red dress is so perfect for you! The color makes you come alive and truly matches your bubbly personality. I’m excited about your prizes today, especially the gift card to Promenade Fabrics! I became acquainted with Cole last year and agree 100%…great personal care and beautiful high-end fabrics! My husband and I will be driving to New Orleans in January and Promenade Fabrics is definitely on our list. Thanks again for the opportunity to win another wonderful prize package!

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