the TÉLIO collection: sensational satin

I have been excited about this post for weeks. It’s been so rewarding to see this collection come together, and to make it whole with this finale piece is very gratifying. When I first spoke with TÉLIO a few months ago, I never could have anticipated the joy I would have gotten out of this series. I knew putting a collection together was going to be tons of fun, but the challenge of showing each fabric in the best way possible forced me to create a some looks that may not otherwise have created – and that was a huge and unexpected bonus. I’ve had the most incredible time over the past few weeks, and it really all comes down to having the opportunity to work with these gorgeous fabrics.

Today’s dress is a dress I’ve made once before, and it is my own design. I used a navy blue, medium weight polyester satin  (a similar fabric – a stretch polyester satin – is available at to make this piece, and it is lined in bemberg rayon and has horsehair in the hem facing for added oomph in the skirt. It has side seam pockets, cups in the bodice, and an invisible zipper in center back. I spent an excruciating amount of time thinking about what to do with this fabric. (Really, I nearly drove myself nuts.) How to show it the best way, what garments work the best with its characteristics – there were a lot of considerations for this piece. In the end, I went with this dress because it’s not only lovely in this fabric and color, it’s something I will wear. I love having a solid navy dress in the line up, because it’s a color seen throughout but not in an overwhelming or redundant way. The bias tape along the waistline, midriff, ties, and hem band are a nod to a detail from a few weeks ago on the lemon print skirt, and I like that it gives the dress some additional definition.

Satin is a beautiful fabric, and this one is especially pretty. It’s substantial and smooth and easy to sew and comfortable. I’m glad we included this fabric because it’s a nice addition to the other textures in the group.

To wrap up this collaboration, TÉLIO asked me a few questions about my creative process and what it was like to work with them. (Obviously, it’s been wonderful.) Here’s our interview:

What questions do you ask yourself before beginning a new project? What do you feel is most important before picking the fabric / how does it inspire you?

In the past, I’ve spent too much time forcing myself into projects that didn’t work for me, so now I begin every idea considering how well a garment will fit into my lifestyle. I don’t need to make cardigans or tees to feel like I’m contributing in a meaningful way to my wardrobe, but I like knowing that what I’m making will be worn. Fabric is one of my biggest inspirations. I’m always drawn to color and texture and print and the challenge of making a fabric I really love work for me. I have always loved quality fabrics too. It’s worthwhile to invest in fabrics that are not only wonderful to work with, but that won’t fall apart over time.

Have you ever felt stuck creatively? If so, how do you break that?

Yes! I have to take a break for a while. Sometimes all I need is an afternoon outside or a couple of days to spend enjoying other hobbies, but the motivation and ideas always return. I think we do ourselves a disservice when we try so hard to constantly be working on something or we don’t allow time for rest and reflection. I know this from personal experience. You have to give your mind time to do other things. Then we can return with a fresh perspective and newly inspired to do great work.

 What is your goal as a blogger/designer?

I want to contribute to the sewing community. I spent a long time studying design and sewing, and I have a lot to offer those who are excited to expand their own skills. Finding my voice as a blogger and designer has taken time, and I’m always looking to improve and grow and learn. Most of all, I have incredible passion for this craft, and I want to inspire others in their own journey.

Seeing as you’re a true influencer to your readers – Who inspires you?

I adore expertise and talent, so there are a few fashion houses and fashion bloggers I admire for their consistency and outstanding work, and I appreciate people who have their own look or point of view figured out and execute it well.

 How was your experience working with TÉLIO? Did the fabric meet your expectations?

Incredible! I was a fan prior to this series, but now I’m a mega fan. The fabric is nothing short of magnificent, and it exceeded my expectations. I think it says a lot about your mission and values as a wholesaler that you have such a wide range of fabrics – and that they are all such fabulous quality.

What were some challenges you faced during the making process and how did you overcome them?

The challenges that popped up over the course of this process were mostly time related – so there may have been a late night or two to put it all together! I also spent a lot of time thinking and planning each look. Some took more thought than others, but that was all part of the fun. I spent some time just looking at the fabrics and seriously thinking about each component and how they would all work together.

Now that the whole process has come to an end – how do you feel? Are you happy with the outcome of the final fall collection?

I’m so thrilled! I always think it’s a good sign to look back at a body of work without regret or disappointment. If anything, I look back at this collection and I want to keep going – there’s tons of things I’d love to add to it!

Thank you to TÉLIO for the opportunity to put this collection together with such beautiful fabric. I know I’m one lucky girl!

And thank you, readers, for following along. I have so enjoyed your reactions and reading your comments. This wouldn’t have been half as fun without you! I have read all of your emails and comments and questions, and I will address a couple things over the next few weeks in more detailed posts. (Hem facings with piping, horsehair, underlining – we’ll go over all of it!)

But first, next week, we’ll be talking about the DESIGNER RUBY® Royale – stay tuned for all the details!


  1. Sew2all | 27th Oct 17

    I have so enjoyed following your collection but most of all my heartfelt sympathy to you and your husband because of losing Olivia. I thought my heart would break when we lost our last two. It won’t replace her, but the best remedy is to get another one, of course only when you’re ready.

  2. Myrna | 27th Oct 17

    The Satin dress is gorgeous. Is there a PDF pattern for it? I would love to make it for the holidays.

  3. Angela O'Rourke | 27th Oct 17

    This collection is just pure class! Thank you for taking us on your creative garment journey. I look forward to every post! We can only aspire to your talents! Bravo!!

  4. Judith Dee | 26th Oct 17

    Emily! This is such a beautiful dress! Perfect for the holiday season coming up! Are you planning to release the pattern from your lace dress and this one!?? I love them so much! hihihi! Nice to see you back my dear 🙂

  5. Catty | 26th Oct 17

    Gosh! I love this dress! The bow is fantastic in navy satin! So Talbots has these pumps with bows on the back. I think they would look great with your dress! I can wait for you to write more about this dress. Would love to copy it!

  6. Sue Keator | 26th Oct 17

    Such a wonderful collection! You certainly know how to accentuate your figure and what colors and styles look best. The satin dress is fantastic but I think I like the lemon print the best. All are lovely.

  7. Flavia | 26th Oct 17

    This creation of yours is simply stunning, elegant, so chic and it fits you so perfectly! I find your posts and creations so inspiring ! (although a bit out of my reach as a sewist, I must say).

  8. Heather Myers | 25th Oct 17

    Your fall collection has been great fun to follow, plus it has certainly raised my interest in Telio fabrics, the texture and style varieties, and creating my own fall / winter collection! Although I’ll complete slower than you due to time constraints. Thanks, Emily!

  9. Katherine Crisp | 25th Oct 17

    Your dress is amazing! You look stunning in this dress, the scooped neckline frames your face beautifully. I have enjoyed this series and have hunted for the fabrics, to no avail, in the UK. Keep sewing because I love reading and learning from your blog.

  10. Margaret | 25th Oct 17

    All I can say is “Wow!”. I’m speechless over your stunning collection! I have been looking for a nice satin to use in my daughter’s wedding gown and am going to check out Telio’s right now. Thank you so much for this lovely, informative series.

  11. Verena Chance-Jones | 25th Oct 17

    I love your style and sewing! Is there any pattern which would be similar to your commercial pattern for the navy blue polyester satin dress? I love it!

  12. Diane G | 25th Oct 17

    Bravo! Such a stunning and fitting finale piece for this collection Emily. I love it! What an amazing piece this dress is. I’ve really enjoyed this series.

  13. PsychicSewerKathleen | 25th Oct 17

    Your dress is so beautiful! It suits you perfectly and I love the hem (I don’t say that often because normally I hardly notice them to be honest!) and I’ll keep that in mind (horse hair) for added body.

  14. Helen Bloor | 25th Oct 17

    Such a beautiful dress and a wonderful collection.

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