a fall collection with TÉLIO

I will never forget the first time I bought fabric. I was a freshman in college studying to become a physical therapist–worlds away from sewing and design. I had rescued the old sewing machine my parents had given me a few Christmases prior from the back of my closet, and I was playing with it off and on in my free time. One day, something changed. I knew I had to pursue fashion and design, so I changed my major and never looked back. My mom and I went to the local fabric store one weekend and she explained how you chose your pattern and ordered your fabric. I remember how thrilling it was to look through the pattern catalogs, and walking through the aisles of fabric was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I was completely enthralled.

After carefully selecting my pattern, I chose a bright pink linen fabric to make it. That skirt has been lost to time and countless moves over the years, but I vividly remember the color. (It was a pink so ridiculous and bright that it’s nearly impossible to forget.) I also remember the excitement of buying that fabric and going home with all of my supplies ready to tackle my project. I still get that feeling every time I buy fabric. For me, a single cut of fabric holds more potential than any mass-produced store bought garment can. That’s probably why, more often than not, I purchase fabric for the fabric itself, not because I already have a project in mind and I’m searching for something to use for it.

Fabric is one of my biggest inspirations, and it’s a huge, huge part of what I focus on here, which is why today’s announcement is so significant: I have partnered with TÉLIO, and I’ll be using their fabrics to create a fall capsule collection. (I’m not designing the fabrics themselves, just using them to make gorgeous clothes.) When this all came about, I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement. For the next several weeks, I’ll be revealing outfits one by one, and then I’ll put everything together at the end- along with a special showstopper piece – for a complete fall collection. This will be a fall transition collection, so no heavy coats or true cold weather items; rather, the focus is on an inspiring group of individual components that work for late summer and early fall in rich, luxurious fall colors like pine and navy and marigold and emerald.

Founder Joseph Télio with a French fabric supplier. Image courtesy of TÉLIO.

TÉLIO Fabrics is a leader in textile imports, with an inventory of over 3 million yards of fashion fabrics and more than 500 new textile products developed each season. Everything is outstanding quality and design, and the range of fabrics alone is seriously impressive. TÉLIO has everything from sequins and lace to faux leather and linens so yummy it’ll make your head spin. When it came time to choose the fabrics for this collection, it was the most challenging and totally awesome task I’ve faced in quite some time. One of TÉLIO’s biggest retailers is fabric.com, and I would encourage you to look through the selection there if you’re not familiar with the company.

TÉLIO was founded in 1952 in Montreal, by Joseph Télio, and today the company is headed by Joseph’s son, André. The company’s mission is to offer designers, manufacturers and retailers a superior quality, original product tailored to their specific needs. TÉLIO operates five showrooms (two each in Montreal and Toronto and one in Vancouver), manages over 90 employees and has a sales team of over 30 representatives around the world. I love companies with a meaningful history, so it’s yet another reason I’m so thrilled to work with TÉLIO, a company that has been around for six decades.

I’m looking forward to spotlighting this company and showcasing the variety and quality of the fabrics. The fall collection I’ve put together includes fabrics in a range of fabrications with lots of diversity in textures and drape and scale of prints. I can’t wait to share it with you!

André Télio & Terry De Cicco – President & Accounting. 

The happiest staff I ever did see. (And look at all the fabric!)

Renée & Joseph – Andrés parents. All images courtesy of TÉLIO.

Over the next several weeks you can expect a lot of fabric photos and plenty of new garments to inspire your fall sewing projects. I’m truly so happy and humbled by this opportunity, and I hope you have as much fun following along as I have choosing the fabrics to use and making new fall garments. Look for the first outfit next Wednesday!

Special thanks to Ericka and Rachel and the rest of the team at TÉLIO for being so wonderful. Now, let’s get sewing!


  1. Debbie Kingston | 31st Aug 17

    That’s fabulous news emily. Congratulations. You are such an inspiration. I only wish our seasons were in sync as we’re just about to enter glorious spring here in Australia. I guess I’ll just get an early start on my 2018 autumn (fall) wardrobe ??

  2. Judith Dee | 31st Aug 17

    As a Montrealer I’m so excited to see one of my top 5 sewing inspiration Blogger partner with Télio! Congrats my dear!

  3. Heather Myers | 30th Aug 17

    Congratulations, Emily! That sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to see your 1st collection.

  4. Diane G | 30th Aug 17

    Congratulations Emily! Can’t wait to see what you design!

  5. Tania | 30th Aug 17

    That is so thrilling! Congrats! I’m so eager to see what you have planned. I get that you are showcasing their fabric, but is the purpose of your designs just to sell fabric or also to sell the patterns you are designing?

    • Emily | 30th Aug 17

      Hi, Tania! The goal here is to showcase the TÉLIO brand. I’m not designing the fabric itself – just the collection of garments. I’m using their gorgeous fabrics to put it all together!

  6. Riana | 30th Aug 17

    Wow!!! As a Canadian I am so proud that you are now part of the Telio family! Congratulations on this wonderful opportunity and I am looking forward seeing all your gorgeous designs.

  7. Kathy Bruckman | 30th Aug 17

    I love your posts. You are sweet inspiring. I need to get sewing some clothes.

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