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Daily Archives: May 10, 2017

getting to know me: 20 things

Recently on Instagram a little game of “tag, you’re it!” was going around, where the person being tagged was challenged to post 20 facts about themselves. I have really, really loved getting to know my friends in the online sewing community a little better (I had no idea my sew sister, Brittany, was a certified pharmacy tech!), but until today I hadn’t joined the fun. I’ve been tagged a number of times, but I thought it was a great idea to post these fun facts here on the blog instead. A lot of new readers (hey, y’all!) have found this little blog of mine in the past few weeks, so this is a great way for you to learn a little more about me.

#1. My favorite decade for fashion is the 1950s. I’m not a stickler for an authentic vintage look and I don’t like looking like I’m wearing a costume in my daily life (no gloves and old shoes for me, thanks), but full skirts and ladylike dresses will always be two of my favorite things. I’m also very interested in fashion from the 1940s. I got a great book, Fashion on the Ration, from Churchill’s War Room & Museum in London last year, and it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I love to read.

#2. I like being busy. I enjoy projects and tasks and doing things, so even when we’re just sitting on the couch at night watching TV, I’m usually doing something else at the same time like hand sewing or writing. I’m also a big multi-tasker. So, if I have 20 minutes to fill while something is in the oven, I will throw in a load of laundry or respond to an email. It’s hard for me to just sit around.

#3. I have a purple Schwinn hybrid bike that I ride 10-13 miles a day, five or six days a week. The hour I spend on that bike is, without question, a highlight of my day. I crave the solitude and the fresh air and the sunshine and the daily physical challenge of getting up the next hill. I love it.

#4. We have two Great Danes, Harrison and Olivia. We got both of them from rescue organizations here in Texas, and they are nothing short of magnificent.

#5. I had braces for four years.

#6. I am someone who needs a great deal of alone time. I’m also a homebody.

#7. I had skin cancer three years ago. I have a four inch scar at the base of my neck, which is why you rarely see me in low necklines. Or, when you do, I’m wearing a necklace. So that scar, coupled with the others on my back from additional biopsies, is the single biggest influence on what I wear and the projects I choose to make.

#8. My favorite food is Mexican. There are a ton of great restaurants in our neck of the woods (not surprising considering we live in Texas, after all), but I make it a lot at home too. A couple years ago, my brother recommended the America’s Test Kitchen Mexican Cookbook, and it has changed my life in terms of enjoying cooking and being semi-good at it. Every single recipe is fantastic, and now I actually look forward to making us yummy things to eat. I even make corn and flour tortillas from scratch using a cast iron tortilla press, a birthday present from my brother. (He’s an exceptionally great brother.) We eat a lot of tacos in this house, in addition to dishes like chilaquiles, pastel azteca, chicken adobo, enchiladas, tamales, and chicken tortilla soup.

#9. There aren’t any colors that I don’t like, but navy blue has my heart. I’m not sure what it is about navy, but I feel really, really good in that color. It’s so classic and flattering and pretty.

#10. I was born in North Carolina, and I have lived in five states: North Carolina, Iowa, Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

#11. I am older than my husband by one year and four months. We will celebrate 10 years of marriage in September. I think he’s pretty sensational.

#12. I like shoes, and my latest purchase is probably my favorite of all time. They’ll go with all my navy pieces and everything in between! I’m slowly getting rid of all the ridiculously high heels I have and replacing them with sensible flats, but I made an exception for these shoes. Now I want bumblebees on everything! (Side note: I waited for my size to go on sale. The regular price is a bit on the high side.)

#13. With the exception of a ginger ale every now and then, I never drink soda, and I always order water at restaurants.

#14. The easiest way to get me on the dance floor at a party is to play Michael Jackson. Anything by Bruno Mars usually does the trick too, but I’ll really lose my mind if “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake comes on. (And it usually does because I request it.)

#15. I’m a coffee drinker. It’s a must have every morning, believe me.

#16. I love stripes. I designed a striped skirt a few years ago, and I’m going to show you how to make it in an upcoming tutorial.

#17. I have a Bachelor’s in Apparel Design and Product Development. When I was in college Facebook was just becoming a thing, so the idea of using your education online via a blog or tutorials wasn’t something any of us really thought about. And look where we are now. Wild.

#18. I am very organized and neat. I don’t mind clutter here and there, but my house is never dirty.

#19. A few of my favorite shows are Friends, The Office, The Closer, Burn Notice, and Better Call Saul. I’ve also watched The Crown on Netflix, which is utterly magnificent.

#20. I love hats. I probably have 20 at this point, but I always have a “need” for another one. This one (in navy, obviously) is on my wish list.

Have a great week! Lots of tutorials coming this month!