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Daily Archives: March 3, 2017

fit for a picnic: butterick 6446

I have lived in Texas for almost ten years and, in that time, I’ve been completely spoiled by the gorgeous weather we have here. The summers are brutal, there’s no getting around that, but the winters, you guys. The mild, short, bearable winters with no snow or ice or bone chilling cold. It’s the perfect climate for someone like me who enjoys being outside a lot, year round. I can hop on my bike on the coldest day in December and not have to worry about icy conditions or piles of dirty, gray snow on the roads. I’m also a weakling who could cry at the mere idea of endless gray skies and snow and bundling up in half a dozen layers just to check the mail. No, just no. So, high five to those of you in colder climates who enjoys those freezing temperatures. You’re much stronger than I am!

My disdain for winter coupled with mild Texas winters and my overwhelming love for spring (flowers are blooming! the sun is shining! the grass is green again!), means that come February I am all in for the new season. This year is no different, and I’ve already finished quite a few projects and we’re just three days into March. I’m also on a deadline this month, which is the ultimate motivator to get things done. In case you missed it, see what I have planned for our Florida trip here.

 I’ve always wanted a gingham or checkered dress for spring and summer. Around the time I was thinking about said dress, this new Butterick pattern was released. Then, a day later, I found the fabric. Meant to be, right?! This fabric is unique because it’s 100% linen, and I am crazy about the color. It’s fresh and happy but also classic.