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Daily Archives: October 28, 2016

fall wardrobe: butterick 6244

Have you ever seen a garment online or in a store that immediately catches your eye, and then you think to yourself, “Huh, I can make that, and I can make it in a better fabric”? I have. I can’t remember where I spotted it originally–maybe a fashion blog?–but a few weeks ago a camel colored, knee length, shawl collared cardigan got my full attention. It was gorgeous with its rolled up sleeves and effortless, cool aesthetic. I called to me. I know for certain that it was an acrylic blend, which turns me off faster than you can say “Emily hates acrylic.” Acrylic isn’t horrible, and it’s getting better as fiber technology ups its game, but it has a tendency to look blah after just one washing. It can be scratchy and holds static electricity badly sometimes. Acrylic doesn’t scream “quality” to me and I steer clear of it whenever I can. So I walked away from this gorgeous but cheap acrylic cardigan on a mission to find fabric and make my own.